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Phonemic Awareness Toolkit

Phonemic Awareness Toolkit

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If you’ve got a great systematic phonics program, but need to integrate quick and effective phonemic awareness practice, check out the Phonemic Awareness Toolkit. The toolkit is a slice of The Science of Reading Intervention Program

This digital download (eBook) provides both the whole class and small group instructional resources that classroom teachers, reading intervention teachers, EL/ELD teachers, and special education teachers need to teach phonemic awareness to older students grades 4-adult. So often older students struggle learning to read and spell because of phonemic awareness deficiencies.

"There is no age where a student is 'too old' for phonemic awareness training‒if the skills have not been mastered, the student should get training" (Kilpatrick, 2016).

The program resources will help you fill the gaps as quickly as possible with 54 no prep, 5-minute oral response phonemic awareness lessons. These whole class bell ringers are coupled with sound wall videos (including catchy speech articulation songs) and Personal Sound Wall desk copies for students to practice proper mouth formation and speech articulation of the phonemes.

Plus, the program includes 5 whole class diagnostic phonemic awareness assessments with audio files to determine if any of your students need second-chance small group instruction. Corresponding small group activities will ensure that every student masters the essentials of phonemic awareness: counting, categorizing, rhyming, blending, segmenting, and manipulating (adding, deleting, and substituting).

Additionally, the toolkit provides complete sets of phoneme-grapheme Animal Cards for games and a class sound wall.

Want to try before you buy? Click this link to download the entire watermarked program: The Phonemic Awareness Toolkit

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