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Sam and Friends Guided Reading Phonics Books

Sam and Friends Guided Reading Phonics Books

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Some older children struggle with reading because they have not yet mastered phonics and/or sight words. If you use guided reading in literacy centers or in readers workshop to differentiate reading instruction, if you teach special education to students with auditory processing challenges, if you teach ESL/English-language learners, if you teach a reading intervention class, or if you are homeschooling your own child, you know how hard it is to find engaging decodable text for older students.

The 54 eight-page Sam and Friends Guided Reading Phonics Books feature teenage characters, high-interest plots, and non-juvenile cartoons. Each digital download (eBook) has embedded reading comprehension questions, word fluency timings, and accompanying running records. Plus, two whole-class diagnostic assessments will help you place your students in the appropriate guided reading groups and assign the right books to read. Check out what teachers are saying about the Sam and Friends books:

“Just what my struggling middle school and high school readers need!”

Joy Hutchings

“I use these books with my third and fourth grade intervention students. They love the books and ask if we are reading Sam and Friends today. They apply the comprehension strategies in these books to other stories. So glad to have these resources!”

Angelo Moreno

“I teach ESL and my kids haven’t been taught phonics properly. Fortunately, Sam and Friends does just that and speeds up quickly. I also like that I can send the books home and not charge the parents–we all love that. Also, the stories aren’t about something stupid, like cats and dogs."

Joseph Curd

Your older students will enjoy reading about the comical adventures of Sam and his friends: Tom, Kit, and Deb. Oh, and also Sam’s dog, Pug. Each book is cleverly illustrated by master cartoonist, David Rickert. These books are fun to read and fun to teach!

Each book has focus sound-spellings and sight words, which are included throughout the story. The 5 higher level SCRIP comprehension questions (Summary, Connect, Re-think, Interpret, Predict) per story are ideal for guided reading instruction, readers workshop, literacy centers, and parent-supervised homework.

Additionally, all 54 books provide a 30-second word fluency practice on the focus sound-spellings and sight words with a systematic review of previously introduced sound-spellings and sight words. Your students will improve reading fluency as they develop automaticity with the common sound-spellings and high utility sight words.

Assessment-based Instruction

Diagnostic Assessments: The whole-class diagnostic assessments will help you determine each sound-spelling not yet mastered by your students. You place students in guided reading groups and assign the appropriate collection of books for each group. The books are organized in the following instructional sequence.

  • Books 1-8:       Short Vowels and Consonants           
  • Books 9-16:     Consonant Blends and Digraphs (Part 1)      
  • Books 17-24:   Consonant Blends and Digraphs (Part 2)      
  • Books 25-34:   Long Vowels and Silent Final e        
  • Books 35-44:   r-controlled Vowels and Diphthongs
  • Books 45-54:   Syllable Juncture and Derivational Influences

Formative Assessments: Each story has a custom-designed running record assessment with 200 words. Teachers may choose to complete running records on unpracticed or practiced books and may choose to assess with every book, once a week, or at the end of the phonics collection. Please note that teachers may choose not to complete running records, but the running record assessments are provided for each book if the teacher chooses to use these methods of assessment and progress monitoring.

Two formats of the eight-page books are provided: Booklets for printing and Digital Device Display. Both are PDFs. The digital display formats works for phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Of course device displays do vary and the PDF formats do not adjust to screen size.

For those of you using literacy centers, this program provides group norms, leadership roles, task card directions, and answer sheets for each lesson or activity and both pocket chart and larger center signs. You will also get literacy center rotation options.

Your students will see measurable progress in improving their phonics and sight word mastery, reading fluency, and reading comprehension with the Sam and Friends Guided Reading Phonics Books.


The Sam and Friends Guided Reading Phonics Books are used as independent and guided practice to reinforce the explicit and systematic phonics instruction of the Teaching Reading Strategies program.  Why not save $$$ on these 54 take-home books by purchasing the Teaching Reading Strategies and Sam and Friends Guided Reading Phonics Books BUNDLE? CLICK HERE.

What are the reading levels of these decodable books?

The first Sam and Friends Guided Reading Phonics Book 1 (not shown in the preview) would be the following: Reading Recovery A, Fountas-Pinnell A, DRA A, Basal Readiness/Pre-Primer, and Lexile (Below #)

The last Sam and Friends Guided Reading Phonics Book 54 (not shown as a sample) would be the following: Reading Recovery 26, Fountas-Pinnell Q, R, S, DRA 40, Basal Grade 4, and Lexile 799.

Of course, these are progressive decodable texts (short vowels through syllable juncture/derivational influences) with two sight words added per book for a total of 108. This means that the phonics and sight words are the priorities and not the controlled vocabulary, syllable numbers, and sentence length, plus other factors used to level books.

The diagnostic assessments place your students in just the right Sam and Friends Guided Reading Phonics Books collection. So easy!

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If using literacy centers, make sure to check out my six grade-level (4-8) Academic Literacy Centers and four remedial centers HERE.

Why not save by purchasing the Teaching Reading Strategies and Sam and Friends Phonics Books BUNDLE? CLICK HERE.

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