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The Science of Reading Intervention Program BUNDLE

The Science of Reading Intervention Program BUNDLE

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The Science of Reading Intervention Program BUNDLE provides a complete 55-minutes-per-day, year-long program for grades 4–adult students. This comprehensive program consists of three instructional components: Word Recognition, Language Comprehension, and Assessment-based Instruction.

Ideal for intensive reading intervention, EL, ESL, Special Education, adult literacy, and continuation programs. Non-juvenile, comprehensive instruction to achieve results as quickly as possible for older readers.

First Half of the Year Program (55 minutes-per-day, 18 weeks)

The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Word Recognition includes explicit, scripted instruction and practice with the 5 Daily Google Slide Activities every reading intervention student needs:

  1. Phonemic Awareness and Morphology
  2. Blending, Segmenting, and Spelling
  3. Sounds and Spellings (including handwriting)
  4. Heart Words Practice
  5. Sam and Friends Phonics Books (decodables)

Plus, digital and printable sound wall cards and speech articulation songs. Print versions are available for all activities.


Or download 2 Complete Google Slide Lessons (178 slides): 

Lesson 5: Teacher Slides 
Lesson 5: Student Slides 
Lesson 40: Teacher Slides 
Lesson 40: Student Slides 

Second Half of the Year Programs (55 minutes-per-day, 18 weeks)

The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Language Comprehension resources are designed for students who have completed the word recognition program or have demonstrated basic mastery of the alphabetic code and can read with some degree of fluency. The program features the 5 Weekly Language Comprehension Activities:

  1. Background Knowledge Mentor Texts
  2. Academic Language, Greek and Latin Morphology, Figures of Speech, Connotations, Multiple Meaning Words
  3. Syntax in Reading
  4. Reading Comprehension Strategies
  5. Literacy Knowledge (Narrative and Expository) for 30 minutes-per-day instruction and practice.


To supplement the language comprehension program (and create a 55 minutes-per-day reading intervention class), The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Assessment-based Instruction provides diagnostically-based instructional resources to individualize instruction in 25 minutes-per-day.

Even though students have completed the word recognition program, some students and new transfer students will need second-chance instruction with more intense tutoring and practice in easily-managed small groups and independent practice.

The program includes 13 comprehensive assessments and matching instructional resources to fill in yet-to-be-mastered gaps with small group and individualized instruction.

  1. Phonemic Awareness
  2. Alphabetic Awareness
  3. Phonics
  4. Expository Reading Fluency (with YouTube modeled readings and timing sheets)
  5. Heart Words and Phonics Games
  6. Spelling Pattern 
  7. Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics
  8. Syllabication and Morphology
  9. Executive Function Skills


Here's what teachers are saying...

"I love the assessments. The students were much more willing to try when they understood that they would work on skills they as individuals were missing. The program is structured so that I can easily work with a small group or individual as needed to fill instructional gaps." 

Jules Stras 

"An extensive product suitable for students of all ages. Love that it is suitable testing and resources for older students with reading difficulties- there are too few suitable resources for this age group. Reading passages are appealing with attached ideas on how to best target each one."

Felicia B.

"Perfect for my ESL students!"

Cathy Ford

"I am an Instructional Coach and am responsible for running RtI groups, this is the perfect resource that I have been looking for! Thank you so much for creating it!"

Jamie Kidwell

"The Sam and Friends Books are just what my struggling middle school and high school readers need!"

Joy Hutchings

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