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The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Language Comprehension

The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Language Comprehension

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Many reading intervention teachers, who are faithfully implementing Science of Reading-based instruction for older students do a fine job of teaching the word recognition strand of Dr. Scarborough's famous rope.

However, teachers are less equipped to teach the language comprehension strand of the rope. For students who have mostly mastered decoding, the following language comprehension instructional components have the greatest influence on improving reading comprehension. Think the second half of a reading intervention program.
The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Language Comprehension includes efficient instruction (30 minutes-per-day, 5 days-per-week, 18 weeks) in the following:
5 Weekly Language Comprehension Activities:
  1. Background Knowledge Mentor Texts Bell Ringers
  2. Vocabulary Worksheets: Academic Language, Greek and Latin Morphology, Figures of Speech, Connotations, Multiple Meaning Words with the Diagnostic Academic Language Assessment for Placement. Plus, Greek and Latin Morphology Walls for each set of lessons in interactive Google slides or print
  3. Syntax in Reading (function-focused reading and writing practice)
  4. Reading Comprehension Strategies and Expository Articles with Inferential Questions
  5. Literacy Knowledge (Narrative and Expository) for 30 minutes-per-day Reading and Writing Instruction and Practice.

    No prep, no outside correction. Easy to teach. Written by a teacher (MA reading specialist) for teachers and their students to improve struggling readers' reading as quickly as possible.


    Check out the VIDEO OVERVIEW.

    Note that the entire contents of this program are included in The Science of Reading Intervention Program BUNDLE, which includes comprehensive word recognition (phonemic awareness, morphology, sounds to print phonics-spelling, decodables) and assessment-based instructional resources for differentiated instruction.

    This is a great product for teaching grammar and mechanics. I like how it allows for students to achieve mastery. It has great step by step directions for teaching the skills as well as help on differentiating instruction. It seems overwhelming when you first look at it, but once you take "10 minutes" to figure it out, it's awesome!

    Laura P.

    The Diagnostic Academic Language Assessment (thank you for the Google forms!) placed my students right where they need to learn. The vocabulary worksheets cover every one of the comprehensive Anchor Standards for Language 4, 5, and 6. So well done!

    Michael Moustafa

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