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The Science of Reading Intervention Program

The Science of Reading Intervention Program

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Older students ages 8-Adult, who are not reading at grade level, need an accelerated, evidence-based reading intervention program that applies the science of reading research and practice. The Science of Reading Intervention Program meets all of the National Reading Panel’s "Big 5" criteria for successful reading instruction: 1. Phonemic Awareness 2. Systematic Phonics 3. Fluency 4. Vocabulary 5. Comprehension.

The no prep, easy-to-teach program includes 54 comprehensive lessons, each featuring 5 Daily Google Slide Activities. The 3,000 + slides program has been designed to teach 3 lessons per week, 55 minutes per day, for 18 weeks. 

All 5 daily digital activities are formatted in Google slides to work with any instructional delivery method: in-class, ZOOM, hybrid, pull-out, or push-in. Of course, teachers may choose to print some or all of the practice activities.

5 Daily Google Slide Activities

  1. Phonemic Awareness and Morphology: Advanced phonemic awareness drills and Greek and Latin Anchor Words to help students learn the high frequency prefixes, roots, and suffixes (5 Minutes).
  2.  Blending, Segmenting, and Spelling: Continuous blending of 4-8 words to learn phonetically regular focus sound-spellings and 2 Heart Words per lesson, plus syllable and spelling rules (10 Minutes). Includes audio and video files.
  3. Sounds and Spellings Practice: Independent practice with text box typing and drag and drop activities for the focus sound-spellings (10 Minutes).
  4. Heart Words Practice: Independent practice with text box typing and drag and drop activities for the 2 words with phonetically irregular sound-spellings (5 Minutes).
  5.  Sam and Friends Phonics Books: Decodable stories with teenage characters and plots for each daily lesson with comprehension questions, margin annotations, and word fluency practice. Beautifully illustrated by noted comic artist, David Rickert. (Slides with text box typing and PDFs in Tablet, Chromebook, and Phone Formats) 25 Minutes


Sound Boxes and Personal Sound Walls for review practice.

Preview the Science of Reading Intervention Program: 4:39 YouTube Video 

Or download 2 Complete Google Slide Lessons (178 slides and 15 minute video): 

Lesson 5: Teacher Slides 
Lesson 5: Student Slides 
Lesson 40: Teacher Slides 
Lesson 40: Student Slides 

The Science of Reading Intervention Program provides all the resources needed to teach the word recognition strands of Scarborough's rope; however, to teach a complete and explicit structured literacy reading intervention program, the teacher needs supplementary resources to teach the language comprehension strands. The author provides the following programs separately and as a value-priced BUNDLE. Note that purchase of the BUNDLE entitles you to choose the grade-level programs of the following to match the needs of your students. Save $158.00 with the special value BUNDLE pricing.

Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Syntax, Grammar, Usage (25 minutes, 2 days per week, 28 weeks)

Teaching Essay Strategies Step by Step Sentence and Paragraph Development (30 minutes, 2 days per week, 28 weeks)

Vocabulary Toolkit All Common Core Standards (10 minutes, 2 day per week, 28 weeks)

Differentiated Spelling Instruction Grade-level Program, Diagnostically-based Practice American English or Canadian Versions (10 minutes, 4 days per week, 28 weeks)

Reading Fluency and Comprehension Toolkit Modeled Expository Fluency, Comprehension (15 minutes, 4 days per week, 28 weeks)

Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Toolkit Diagnostically-based Remediation (15 minutes, 2 days per week, 18 weeks) 

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