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The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Assessment-Based Instruction

The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Assessment-Based Instruction

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The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Assessment-based Instruction provides diagnostically-based instructional resources to differentiate/individualize instruction for students grades 4–adult in 25 minutes per day for 18 weeks.

Perfect for early-late elementary schedules, Tier 2 small groups, or Tier 3 intensive pull-out instruction. Ideal for ELL and ESL learners or students in resource programs with IEPs. A great option for middle or high school students, and community college or adult literacy programs with self-paced instructional modules. 

No prep, no outside correction. Easy to teach. Written by a teacher (MA reading specialist) for teachers and their students to improve struggling readers' reading as quickly as possible.

All program components are digital downloads (no print books).



Although it certainly makes sense to teach a comprehensive word recognition (phonics, sight words, spelling) program and a thorough language comprehension program (background knowledge, vocabulary, syntax, reading comprehension, and literacy knowledge) to all struggling readers to ensure a solid foundation, some students and new transfer students will need second-chance instruction with more intense tutoring and practice in easily-managed small groups and independent practice.

Only assessment-based instruction affords teachers the opportunity to address the diverse reading deficits of their students with targeted lessons. Make your instructional minutes count!

If time is limited, why waste instructional time with lengthy assessments?

The diagnostic assessments in this program are different. First, they are quick and easy to administer and grade (formatted in print, audio, and Google forms). Second, each assessment couples with short lessons to target each and every assessment item. And each lesson provides a short formative assessment to determine mastery. You choose which assessments need to be given and to which students.

Diagnostic Assessments with Mastery Matrices                                 

  • Vowel Sound Phonics Assessment (10:42 audio file)
  • Consonant Sounds Phonics Assessments (12:07 audio file)
  • Syllable Awareness Assessment (5:48 audio file)
  • Syllable Rhyming Assessment (5:38 audio file)
  • Phonemic Isolation Assessments (5:54 audio file)
  • Phonemic Blending Assessment (5:53 audio file)
  • Phonemic Segmenting Assessment (5:21 audio file)
  • Alphabetic Awareness Assessments (10 minutes)
  • “Pets” Fluency Assessment (2 minutes per student)
  • Heart Words Assessment (5:48 audio file)
  • Spelling Assessment (22.38 audio file)
  • Grammar and Usage Assessment (15–20 minutes)
  • Mechanics Assessment (10–15 minutes)

Corresponding Program Lessons (all individualized or small group practice except as noted)

  • Phonemic Awareness and Alphabetic Awareness Lessons (Small Groups)
  • Phonics Lessons (Small Groups)
  • Expository Reading Fluency Lessons (YouTube modeled expository article readings, tiered from grade 1-7 reading levels and recorded at 3 different speeds)
  • Spelling Pattern Worksheets
  • Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Worksheets
  • Heart Words and Phonics Games
Note that the entire contents of this program are included in The Science of Reading Intervention Program BUNDLE.

"I love the assessments. The students were much more willing to try when they understood that they would work on skills they as individuals were missing. The worksheets are detailed enough to really cover the material without overwhelming the students. The program is structured so that I can easily work with a small group or individual as needed to fill instructional gaps." Jules Stras

"I am an Instructional Coach and am responsible for running Response to Intervention groups, this is the perfect resource that I have been looking for! Thank you so much for creating it!" Jamie Kidwell

"Your reading assessments made me "the hit" at our SHARE faculty meeting! Thank you." Jane Farris

"Excellent! Just what I needed for my ELLs!" Deneise McGowan

"Very useful. I love the flexibility to target the individual needs of all my students. Thank you!" Rebecca

"This has been a great resource for my small group instruction!" Carrie Thornton

"I used this with a student I was tutoring, made a great improvement in her fluency skills!" Kira Brower

"Used during our after school tutoring to boost DIBELS scores! Great product! Thanks!" Stephanie Pope


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