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Testimonials and Program Reviews

Here’s what teachers are saying about Pennington Publishing programs…


Re: The Science of Reading Intervention Program

"An extensive product suitable for students of all ages. Love that it is suitable testing and resources for older students with reading difficulties- there are too few suitable resources for this age group. Reading passages are appealing with attached ideas on how to best target each one."

Felicia B.

"The Sam and Friends Phonics Books are amazing. I have been using them for two years now, my middle school kids love them, they can relate to the stories, and I have seen improved reading in all of them. They would often want to read additional books and be upset that we had to wait till the next day.

My kids often said these are great to read and not about baby stuff. Several were like, 'He should make it a novel because it kind of is!'"

Rose Marie Tulius Pagel

"I am an Instructional Coach and am responsible for running RtI groups, this is the perfect resource that I have been looking for! Thank you so much for creating it!"

Jamie Kidwell

"The Sam and Friends Books (decodables) are just what my struggling middle school and high school readers need!"

Joy Hutchings

"Your reading assessments made me "the hit" at our SHARE faculty meeting!"

Jane Farris

"Excellent! Just what I needed for my ELLs!"

Deneise McGowan

"I love the assessment parts. The students were much more willing to try when they understood that they would work on skills they as individuals were missing. The worksheets are detailed enough to really cover the material without overwhelming the students. I teach 9th and 10th graders that are in the juvenile correctional system so they have many educational gaps, but this is structured so that I can easily work with a small group or individual as needed to fill those gaps."

Jules Stras 

"I just wanted to thank you for creating these explicit and extensive resources for students in need. Thank you! I am working with one class of ESL students and two classes of Read 180 students with behavior issues and have been struggling to find methods to address their specific areas of weakness. I am also teaching three senior level English classes and have found them to have serious deficits in many critical areas that may impact their success if they are attending college level courses in a year's time. I have been trying to find a way to help all of them in specific and measurable ways - and I found you!" 

Cathy Ford

"Very useful. I love the flexibility to target the individual needs of all my students. Thank you!"


"This has been a great resource for my small group instruction!"

Carrie Thornton

"This is a great resource to use with my struggling 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders."

Cougar Creations

"This is a fantastic resource."

Melissa Gartly

"Our middle school students love your fluency articles and practice. So far we are delighted with the program and are happy with the results!" 

Heather Lewis

"I used this with a student I was tutoring, made a great improvement in her fluency skills!"

Kira Brower

"Used during our after school tutoring to boost DIBELS scores! Great product! Thanks!"

 Stephanie Pope

"The Diagnostic Academic Language Assessment (thank you for the Google forms!) placed my students right where they need to learn. The vocabulary worksheets cover every one of the comprehensive Anchor Standards for Language 4, 5, and 6. So well done!"

Michael Moustafa

Awesome!!!! Great for screening in an SLP clinic.


Re: Teaching Grammar and Mechanics

I’ve been teaching for quite a while and seen quite a few grammar programs. This one is the best I’ve used.


This is an amazing product. It makes individualized instruction a breeze!

Shawna Pounds

As a newer ELA teacher, this is an awesome product to have. It's very thorough and easy to use!


Great resource to teach grammar essentials. 

Erin Wells

Great resource for revisiting this skill set. The students are enjoying the variety of the handouts. I love the fact that I can access whether or not if I need to reteach these skills to my students.

Patience Scott

This is a great product for teaching grammar and mechanics. I like how it allows for students to achieve mastery. It has great step by step directions for teaching the skills as well as help on differentiating instruction. It seems overwhelming when you first look at it, but once you take "10 minutes" to figure it out, it's awesome!

Laura P.

This has been very useful. It really helped me come up with a way to teach grammar effectively and in a time saving manner.

Misty K.

 Excellent resource. My students were highly engaged.

Mindy L.

You definitely write the way I like to teach! :) 

Jean Allred, Tutor

Re: Teaching Essay Strategies

Your method of teaching argumentative essays is the most step-by-step that I have ever seen. Thanks again for the TES program.  I plan to use a great deal of it, especially the methods!

Kris Fazi

Great step by step worksheets that help students build or reinforce essay writing skills.

Michelle Hunter

These were great for my Writing Composition classes! So easy to use and so helpful for the kids!

Megan P.

A thoroughly comprehensive format to teach writing. Just what I needed. 


Thanks to you. I’ve been a teacher using e-comments for a about a year now. What great savings of stress and hand-cramps! 

Charles Young

Re: Differentiated Spelling Instruction (American and Canadian English Versions)

I work with a large ELL population at my school and was not happy with the weekly spelling tests, etc. Through my research in best practices, I know that spelling patterns and word study are so important at this age group. However, I just couldn't find anything out there that combines the two. We have just adopted RtI at my school and your spelling matrix is a great tool for documentation. The grade level spelling program and remediation are perfect for my students. 


I needed a good complement to my word study program especially because the students have missed so much from these school closures. This has been very useful to me and worked well to fit what we were doing in the classroom.

Maria B.

I really like how this is a Canadian program and how it is differentiated. My students are already liking the flow of the program. The only downfall that I have noticed so far is that there are words in the diagnostic test that are based on American spelling and not Canadian, which defeats the purpose of having and paying for a Canadian program.

Tara Redekop

I have tutored children who are struggling in school for the last 36 years. Using raps and songs to help children remember spelling rules is wonderful!

Cheryl Merrick

Useful for intervention.

Molly Roberts

This resource is good for students who struggle with spelling. It is systematic and gives specific rules the students can use. Deborah H.

Very comprehensive and well-organized resource.

Lara H.

Re: Essential Study Skills

I teach a study skills class for 7th and 8th graders and this has helped me shape the curriculum for the class. Thanks!

Joseph Blankenship

Very comprehensive. Thanks very much.


I used this with my Study Skills class. Straight forward, easy to use.

Kala K.

This was a huge time saver! Very useful for my College Success course. I appreciated the organization and the format of the lessons. 

Stephanie Anderson