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Sam and Friends Phonics Books (eBook)

Pennington Publishing

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The 54 Sam and Friends Phonics Books are used as independent and guided practice to reinforce explicit and systematic phonics instruction. These decodable take-home books are perfect for guided reading and homework.

"Just what my struggling middle school and high school readers need!"

Joy Hutchings

"By the way, I got Sam and Friends a few weeks ago, and I love it. I teach ESL in S Korea. Phonics is poorly taught here, so teaching phonics means going back to square one. Fortunately, Sam and Friends does that and speeds up pretty quickly. I also like that I can send it home and not charge the parents - we all love that.  I like it a lot! It's also not about something stupid, like cats and dogs." 

Joseph Curd

4th Grade ESL

Want to see lesson and book samples? Preview This Book

Each illustrated eight-page book focuses on one sound with the most common sound-spelling patterns and two high-utility sight words. The sound-spellings are the same as those used in the Open Court reading program. Pennington Publishing’s reading intervention program, Teaching Reading Strategies, uses the same research-based instructional scope and sequence.   

The books are illustrated by master cartoonist, David Rickert. The cartoons are designed to be appreciated by older readers. The teenage characters are multi-ethnic and the stories reinforce positive values and character development. Your students (and parents) will love these fun, heart-warming, and comical stories about the adventures of Sam and his friends: Tom, Kit, and Deb. Oh, and also that crazy dog, Pug.

Additionally, each take home book includes five SCRIP comprehension questions (Summary, Connect, Re-think, Interpret, Predict) to promote internal monitoring of text. The comprehension questions are ideal for teacher and/or parent guided reading instruction, readers’ workshop, literacy centers, and literature circles.

Plus, each take home book includes a 30 second word fluency practice on the focus sound-spellings and sight words with a systematic review of previously introduced sound-spellings and sight words.

Teachers are licensed to copy and print all 54 of these economical take home eBooks for their own students. Each PDF book has eight pages in 5.5 x 8.5 inch booklet form. Books are formatted to be printed back to back on two separate 8.5 x 11 pages for easy copying and collation. Just one fold creates the take home books. No stapling is needed.

Make sure to follow printing directions exactly. Since these are foldover eight-page booklets, they can't be printed one book at a time. You'll need to print all 54 books to create your back-to-back masters. Of course, you can buy the printed copies from me, along with the Teaching Reading Strategies program here at a nice bundle discount or take the file to your local Office Depot or Staples to print (as I do).

The Sam and Friends Phonics Books are used as independent and guided practice to reinforce the explicit and systematic phonics instruction of the Teaching Reading Strategies program. Also check out the corresponding Reading and Spelling Game Cards for fun games and individualized phonics, sight words, and vocabulary practice. Why not save $20 on these 54 take-home books by purchasing the Teaching Reading Strategies and Sam and Friends Phonics Books BUNDLE? CLICK HERE.

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