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Greek and Latin Morphology

Greek and Latin Morphology

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The Greek and Latin Morphology program consists of 54 quick and interactive lessons for students in grades 4–adult. The 54 lessons are one component of The Science of Reading Intervention Program: Word Recognition.

All program components are digital downloads (no print books).

Check out the short video overview to see all lesson components.

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The no-prep, no correction lessons provide memorable, interactive instruction and practice to help students master 100 high frequency/utility Greek and Latin word parts.

Each scripted lesson focuses on one prefix, base, or suffix with variant spellings. Simply turn on the display projector and teach! The definitions are concise and easy to understand, and graphics help students associate the word part with its meaning.

A context clue sentence features each word part in its common syntax, and students brainstorm other words which use the word part and create their own sentences with these words. 

The lessons are grouped in sets of three morphemes (typically, but not always, a prefix-base-suffix combination). These combinations form Anchor Words to help students map the meanings, spelling) and pronunciation into their long-term memories. The word parts become sight syllables--automatically retrievable for reading and writing. 

Following each set of three lessons, students review the word parts and Anchor Words by practicing on Greek and Latin Morphology Walls.  These walls are formatted in Google Slides (or print if you prefer). Each wall includes all previous lesson word parts and the new set of word parts. Simply share the slides and guide students as they drag and drop or copy, paste, and drop the word parts into multi-syllabic combinations. Discovery learning... and a fantastic way to build student academic language lexicons! Pretty darn fun, too! 

Some teachers like to replicate these digital walls on class bulletin boards with sticky notes for whole class brainstorming or use when students aren't using tablets. Of course, the shared Google slides (or print) allow every student to play with the word parts... a real learning advantage.

Oh, yes, the Google slides are editable. Add your own prefixes, bases, and suffixes to the Greek and Latin Morphology Walls.

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