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School Songs

School Songs

  • $ 45000

Interested in developing your school’s brand, establishing traditions, and building school spirit with original, customized music? As a professional songwriter and musician, I write and record three type of songs for schools, including lyrics from your mission statement, creed, motto, name, colors, and/or mascot:

  1. A quick “Announcements” lead-in for your morning public address with 10 versions to keep the song fresh;
  2. A “Spirit Song” for special events, assemblies, sporting events, use in the multi at lunch, and video messages;
  3. A catchy and singable “Alma Mater” to close assemblies, staff meetings, PTA/PTO meetings, and graduation ceremonies.

The “Spirit Song” and “Alma Mater” are composed to target your grade levels. They include optional videos with song lyrics for group singing and sheet music for band and choir performances.

Review from Ryan R. Lucas, Principal of Governor's Ranch Elementary in Littleton, Colorado:

"Mark was exceptional easy to work with. He took into consideration existing school culture and traditions, and incorporated everything into some amazing songs that will become traditions unto themselves. The songs were catchy and students loved them!"

Samples for an Elementary School with a Pirate Mascot 

  1.  “Announcements (Includes 10 Versions)”
  2.  “Spirit Song”
  3.  “Alma Mater” 

Pricing and Order Information

  1. $450.00 each for “Announcements (Ten Versions),” “Spirit Song,” and “Alma Mater” audio files. Send me melody suggestions along the lines of “Can you write a song like…” to indicate the style you want, or let me pick if you wish.
  2. $150.00 each for “Spirit Song,” and “Alma Mater” videos. Send me photos (JPGs) and video (MP4) that you would like to include such as school flags, banners, key buildings, fields, staff, and students with media clearances. Share from your phone if you wish. I can update the video annually with new staff and students upon your request.
  3. $150.00 each for “Spirit Song,” and “Alma Mater” sheet music and a piano instrumental, a perfect accompaniment to your school chorus.
  4. $1800.00 for the “Everything BUNDLE” (a $150.00 savings) 

Give me a week and you’ll receive “rough draft” recordings of your songs. Get input from your staff, students, and parents and send me suggested revisions, and I will re-write to your satisfaction. You’ll receive professionally mastered final recordings within a few days.

Upon purchase, you own the copyright to these original songs, not me. Use them on school websites, in public performances, in print agendas/handbooks/planners. Your own songs make your school unique. Enjoy.

References of "more than satisfied" clients upon request: Email me for contact information at I respect their privacy as I do yours.

I gladly accept P.O.s, checks, PayPal, and credit cards.

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