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Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

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Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are separate, full-year programs with plenty of remedial practice to help your students catch up while they keep up with grade-level standards. The print and digital resources feature 56, twice-per-week, 25-minute lessons to help you teach both mechanics (punctuation, capitalization, quotations, etc.) and grammar and usage skills and concepts. Plus, remedial worksheets (each with a formative assessment) target skill deficits determined by the diagnostic assessment in self-correcting Google forms or print.

Click to view the quick Grade 4 Video Preview or PDF Program Preview.

Click to view the quick Grade 5 Video Preview or PDF Program Preview.

Click to view the quick Grade 6 Video Preview or PDF Program Preview.

Click to view the quick Grade 7 Video Preview or PDF Program Preview.

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Each grade-level program has been designed for both in-class and distance learning with printable PDFs and Google slides, forms, and sheets. If you prefer teaching with PowerPoint, simply download the slides into that format. As the Burger King commercial says, “Have it your way.”

How to teach the 56 scripted, no-prep, and minimal-correction lessons:

  1. Administer the diagnostic assessment to determine mastery of previous grade-level standards (Google forms with Google sheets recording matrix or PDFs).
  2. Use the scripted lesson and lesson display in the teacher’s guide (PDFs) to teach the paired mechanics and grammar lessons in-class or via Zoom, etc.
  3. Students complete and self-correct the guided practice, slide activities, simple sentence diagram, mentor text, writing applications, and sentence dictation formative assessments (Google slides and PDFs) Grades 7 and 8 have an additional six-question guided practice lesson for each of the 56 lessons.
  4. Assign additional independent practice if needed to all or some students (Google slides and PDFs).
  5. After completing four of the lessons, administer the biweekly unit test (Google forms). Administer the final exam at the end of the year (Google forms with Google sheets recording matrix).

The Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics program features a secret agent theme in the Google slides with drag and drop activities, type-in-the-box practice, audio files, and problem-solving (secret codes and such). The theme is fun, but the learning tasks are rigorous.

Click to view the Grades 4-8 Instructional Scope and Sequence (table of contents) with CCSS Alignment Documents. The Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics program provides effective grade to grade instructional continuity.

Connected Programs

Save time grading and provide better writing feedback with the author's e-Comments Chrome Extension. This app includes hundreds of canned writing comments with the same language of instruction as Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics and the companion program, Teaching Essay Strategies. Now, that's a seamless connection to teach and practice grammar and mechanics in the writing context!

The e-Comments program includes four insertable comment banks (Grades 3‒6, Grades 6‒9, Grades 9‒12, and College/Workplace) feature writing format and citations, essay and story structure, essay and story content analysis, sentence formation and writing style, word choice, grammar, and mechanics. 

When you open a student's doc or slide, the e-Comments menu pops-up in the right margin. Simply highlight a writing issue in the student's text and click on a comment button. The comment automatically appears in the margin next to the student's text.


Would all my students need this program? No, just the teacher. The e-Comments program syncs to multiple devices and saves to the cloud.

Can I edit these e-comments? Yes, they are customizable.

Can I add, format, and save my own custom writing comments and add my own writing categories for different classes and assignments to the e-Comment menu? Yes.

Can I record audio comments? Yes.

Can I record video comments? Yes, just make sure your hair isn’t out of place.

Can I use speech to text? Yes, save time typing personalized comment additions.

Will the program work in Google Classroom? Yes.

Do I have to pay each month or each year for the license? No, it's a low, one-time fee for full access. Purchase an individual or group license.

I'm not tech proficient. Is e-Comments easy to use? Yes. The one-page Quick Start User Guide and video tutorial will get you grading or editing in just minutes. No time-consuming and complicated multiple clicks, dropdown menus, or comment codes. This program is intuitive and user-friendly.

Buy your grade-level Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics program now, and then navigate to the Chrome Web Store to purchase or add the free trial of the e-Comments Chrome Extension.  

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