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The Science of Reading Intervention Program | Digital Sound Walls and Animal Cards

The Science of Reading Intervention Program | Digital Sound Walls and Animal Cards

  • $ 1999

Coming July 1! The Science of Reading Intervention Program

6 Digital and Print Activities to Accelerate Reading Achievement for Ages 8-Adult in 60 Minutes per Day with 18 Weeks of Instruction. No prep! Ideal for for in-class, ZOOM, or hybrid reading intervention instruction.

  1. Sound Walls and Animal Cards Sound-Spellings Review
  2. Phonemic Awareness, Syllabication, and Vocabulary
  3. Blending, Segmenting, and Spelling
  4. Sounds and Spellings Practice
  5. Heart Words Practice
  6. Sam and Friends Phonics Books: Decodable Stories with Comprehension Questions and  Word Fluency Practice

PRE-SALE SPECIAL: Email to see program samples and to secure a special discount code entitling you to 50% off this reasonably-priced program upon publication. No purchase obligation.

NEWLY RELEASED: Vowel Valley and Consonant Sound Walls

Your students of all ages, including beginning readers and reading intervention striving readers will love the digital or print activities in this resource. Includes 45 Animal Cards PDFs, featuring mouth positions with audio articulation directions, sound files, and common spellings (SOR research-based phoneme-grapheme relationships to help map speech to print)

Fun and memorable Animal Chants with catchy songs.

Two Animal Chant videos (check out the CONSONANT STOP SOUNDS PREVIEW) to practice card names, articulation, and sounds: Vowel Valley and Consonant Sounds       

Personal Sound Walls Google slides with fillable text boxes and printable 11x17 PDFs for student desk reference (laminate and use dry erase markers):

  • Short Vowels
  • Long Vowels
  • Diphthongs
  • r-Controlled Vowels
  • Stop Sounds
  • Affricative Sounds
  • Nasal Sounds
  • Fricative Sounds
  • Glide Sounds
  • Liquid Sounds
  • Two-Sound Vowels     

Enlarge, print, and laminate for classroom display or use your classroom projector.

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