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Study Skills Academic Literacy Center Grades 4–8

Study Skills Academic Literacy Center Grades 4–8

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You and your students will love the full-year, twice-per-week, 20-minute lessons in the Study Skills Academic Literacy Center Grades 4–8 digital download (eBook) program: the perfect cross-curricular program to teach everything teachers think that other teachers must have already taught.

The easy-to-follow lesson format of 1. Self-assessment 2. Study Skill Lessons and 3. Reflection is ideal for self-guided learning and practice. Plus, the book provides helpful online links to add to the study skill lessons.

All the literacy center support materials are included: Group Norms Poster, Leadership Roles Poster, Literacy Center Signs, Literacy Center Task Cards, and 10 Rotation Options. Plus, easy-to-follow directions to ensure your success.

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Table of Contents

Motivational Study Skills

1. How to Get Motivated
2. How to Prevent Procrastination                                        
3. How to Set Goals
4. How to Develop a Positive Mental Attitude

Organization and Time Management Study Skills

5. How to Create a Home Study Environment
6. How to Get Organized for Homework
7. How to Complete a Daily Review
8. How to Manage Time for Homework

Reading Strategy Study Skills

9. How to Choose Books for Independent Reading
10. How to Develop Good Reading Habits
11. How to Improve Oral Reading Fluency
12. How to Improve Silent Reading Fluency
13. How to Read Interactively
14. How to Improve Reading Comprehension
15. How to Make Inferences
16. How to Use Marginal Annotations
17. How to Read Non–Fiction Textbooks
18. How to Identify the Main Idea
19. How to Complete a Close Reading for Narrative Text
20. How to Complete a Close Reading for Expository Text
21. How to Use Context Clues

Research Study Skills

22. How to Quote and Cite Textual Evidence
23. How to Identify Bias and Errors in Reasoning
24. How to Research Safely and Evaluate Internet Sources

Memorization Strategy Study Skills

25. How to Memorize with the Grouping Strategy
26. How to Memorize with the Association Strategy
27. How to Memorize with the Linking Strategy
28. How to Memorize with the Catch Words Strategy
29. How to Memorize with the Catch Sentence Strategy
30. How to Memorize with the Location Strategy

Essay Writing Study Skills

31. How to Dissect a Writing Prompt
32. How to Write a Thesis Statement
33. How to Avoid Errors in Writing Style
34. How to Follow Essay Writing Rules
35. How to Write an Essay Introduction
36. How to Write Essay Body Paragraphs
37. How to Write an Essay Conclusion
38. How to Write in Complex Sentences

Listening and Note–taking Study Skills

39. How to Practice Active Listening
40. How to Take Notes
41. How to Organize Cornell Notes
42. How to Organize Formal Outline Notes

Grammar, Spelling, and Mechanics Study Skills

43. How to Identify and Use the Parts of Speech
44. How to Use Grammatical Sentence Openers for Sentence Variety
45. How to Use Precise Verb Tenses
46. How to Eliminate the “to be” Verbs
47. How to Spell by the Rules
48. How to Apply the Syllable Rules
49. How to Punctuate Properly
50. How to Capitalize Correctly
51. How to Avoid Non-Standard Usage

Test Preparation and Test–taking Study Skills

52. How to Prepare for Tests
53. How to Use Objective Test–taking Strategies
54. How to Use Matching Test–taking Strategies
55. How to Use Fill–in–the–Blank Test–taking Strategies
56. How to Use Multiple Choice Test–taking Strategies     

    Add this literacy center to your own rotation of literacy centers or combine with my full-year, 20-minute, twice-per-week, CCSS standards-based grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Academic Literacy Centers: 

    1. Reading: 43 Reading Fluency (with YouTube modeled readings at three different speeds) and 48 Reading Comprehension Worksheets 

    2. Writing: 56 Sentence Revision and 56 Literary Response Lessons 

    3. Language Conventions: 56 Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Lessons with Biweekly Unit Tests 

    4. Vocabulary: 56 Vocabulary Worksheets and Vocabulary Study Cards with Biweekly Unit Tests 

    5. Spelling and Syllabication: 28 Grade-level Spelling Sorts and 28 Syllable Worksheets 

    6. Study Skills: 56 Self-assessment–Study Skills Lessons–Reflection

    Also make sure to check out the value-priced Academic Literacy Centers BUNDLE which include the full contents of all six centers.

    Also take a look at my three Remedial Literacy Centers for grades 4-8 intervention. Each center provides comprehensive diagnostic and formative assessments with corresponding literacy center lessons. These full-year, 20-minute, twice-per-week remedial centers fit perfectly within the group rotations provided with the Academic Literacy Centers: 

    1. Remedial Spelling Literacy Center102 spelling pattern worksheets

    2. Remedial Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Literacy Center: 77 grammar, usage, and mechanics worksheets

    3. Phonics Literacy Center: 35 lessons and phonics game cards


    Teachers wishing to use a non-literacy center design, may purchase the same 56 lessons (at the same price) here: Essential Study Skills (What Every Student Should Know).

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