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Spelling and Syllabication Academic Literacy Center Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Spelling and Syllabication Academic Literacy Center Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

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If you find the value in word study and structural analysis, but wish the exploratory, inductive, analytic learning of Words Their Way and other programs were more directed, deductive, and less time-consuming, the Spelling and Syllabication Academic Literacy Center will be a perfect choice for you and your students. Designed by MA reading specialist, Mark Pennington, this twenty-minute, twice-per-week, full-year digital download (eBook) program will help your students master the grade-level conventional spelling patterns with 28 spelling sorts and improve their multi-syllabic decoding with the 28 syllable worksheets.

Each weekly spelling sort lists the focus conventional spelling rule and divides that rule into categories. No guessing the patterns… students find applying the different components of the listed spelling rule plenty challenging. Students collaboratively problem-solve and sort the list of 20 words into the rule categories. Students get the answers from their teacher and self-correct to learn from their mistakes. Many teachers use these words as their weekly spelling list to pre-test and post-test.

Students practice the same syllabication rule for two weeks. Each weekly syllable worksheet lists the syllable rule with examples. No inductive guessing. Your students will learn to deductively apply the syllable rule. Students practice a guided oral response drill which requires students to isolate, blend, and pronounce with proper accents according to the syllable rule. Next, students divide the challenging word list into syllables according to the listed syllable rule. On the paired syllable worksheet, students practice the syllabication rule with word jumbles, nonsense word syllable divisions, and a book search.

That’s 10 minutes spelling patterns practice, twice-per-week, and 10 minutes syllabication practice, twice-per week. Efficient and effective word study and structural analysis, perfectly suited to the literacy center format.

Spelling Sorts


Syllable Worksheets

  1. Closed 
  2. Open 
  3. Silent final e 
  4. Vowel teams 
  5. r-controlled 
  6. Double consonants 
  7. Inflected endings
  8. Schwa
  9. Consonant-le
  10. Vowel pronunciation shifts
  11. Consonant pronunciation shifts
  12. Accent shifts
  13. Prefixes
  14. Suffixes

All the literacy center support materials are included: Group Norms Poster, Leadership Roles Poster, Literacy Center Signs, Literacy Center Task Cards, and 10 Rotation Options. Plus, easy-to-follow directions to ensure your success.

You, your students, their parents, and your administrators will see noticeable improvement in reading fluency and comprehension with the Spelling and Syllabication Academic Literacy Center.






Add this literacy center to your own rotation of literacy centers or combine with my full-year, 20-minute, twice-per-week, Standards-based grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Academic Literacy Centers, which include 1. Reading: Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension 2. Writing: Sentence Revision and Literary Response 3. Language Conventions: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics 4. Vocabulary: Vocabulary Worksheets and Vocabulary Study Games 5. Spelling and Syllabication: Conventional Spelling Rule Spelling Sorts and Syllable Practice 6. Study Skills: Goal-Setting, Essential Study Skills, and Reflection/Application. Make sure to check out the value-priced Academic Literacy Centers BUNDLES for grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Also take a look at my three Remedial Literacy Centers for grades 4-8 intervention. Each center provides comprehensive diagnostic and formative assessments with corresponding literacy center lessons. These full-year, 20-minute, twice-per-week remedial centers fit perfectly within the group rotations provided with the Academic Literacy Centers: 1. Remedial Spelling Literacy Center 2. Remedial Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Literacy Center 3. Phonics Literacy Center.  Help your students catch up while they keep up with grade-level instruction.

You and your students will love these literacy centers!

If you prefer a traditional, comprehensive grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 spelling program, check out our Differentiated Spelling Instruction programs, which include weekly grade-level spelling tests, a diagnostic spelling test, and 102 corresponding remedial worksheets.

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