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Grammar Openers Toolkit for High School (eBook)

Grammar Openers Toolkit for High School (eBook)

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The Grammar Openers Toolkit (eBook) provides 64 quick “openers” to teach high school students all the grammar, mechanics, and spelling that they need to become effective writers. Throw away your old DOL or DLR and make sense out of explicit grammar instruction with a Sentence Lifting program that has a true standards-based scope and sequence of instruction.

"This has been very useful. It really helped me come up with a way to teach grammar effectively and in a time saving manner."

Misty K.

These twice-per-week direct instruction lessons, formatted for classroom display, include options for both basic and advanced skills and serve as a full year curriculum for upper elementary, middle school, and high school students. Designed to teach the essential concepts, rules, and skills in the context of authentic writing, these lessons require only a few minutes of teacher prep and paperwork. The "Teaching Hints" section in fine print on each lesson is indispensable for the grammatically-challenged teacher.

The scripted Sentence Lifting lessons provide explicit and systematic direct instruction in standards-based mechanics, spelling, and grammar skills. Lessons use mentor texts (student and literary examples), sentence combining, and sentence manipulation activities. The only advance preparation is to select a student grammatical sentence model for each lesson.

All Sentence Lifting lessons follow the same format. First, the teacher selects either basic or advanced skills and introduces these with definitions and examples. Next, the teacher asks students to apply the skills and analyze practice sentences in a “What’s Right? and What’s Wrong?” interactive discussion. Then, the teacher dictates three sentences as a formative assessment. Finally, students self-correct and self-edit from the displayed answers. The teacher can use a simple point system to award students for their efforts.

Materials in the Grammar Openers Toolkit (200 pages) have been selected as a “slice” of the comprehensive one volume curriculum: Teaching Grammar and Mechanics (for High School), by the same author. The full program includes diagnostic grammar, usage, and mechanics assessments with corresponding remedial worksheets. Plus, the engaging grammar cartoons and much more. Truly, a great value.

Want to check out sample lessons for the Grammar Openers Toolkit? Preview This Book HERE.

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Download, print, and test-drive the entire first month of the Teaching Grammar and Mechanics Programs.

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