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1000 ELA and Reading Worksheets BUNDLE

1000 ELA and Reading Worksheets BUNDLE

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Pennington Publishing has been your “go-to” resource for teacher-created, assessment-based ELA and reading instruction for the last 15 years. After persistent pleas, we have compiled a “greatest hits” package of 1000 ELA/Reading Worksheets for grades 4−8 teachers. No “drill and kill” fillers in this digital download (eBook) collection or silly word searches or crossword puzzles—only the best Standards-based worksheets from all our resources: THE PERFECT BUNDLE for NEW TEACHERS.

What makes these worksheets so special? Each worksheet has been designed for individualized instruction with formative assessments and most include answers for students to self-correct in order to learn from their own mistakes. Each worksheet has been field-tested in grades 4−8 teacher classrooms as part of the author’s comprehensive programs: Teaching the Language Strand, Teaching Essay Strategies, Teaching Reading Strategies, Essential Study Skills, and Critical Thinking Openers Toolkit

What Do I Get in This BUNDLE?

-77 Grammar and Mechanics Worksheets (L. 1, 2)
-145 Language Application Worksheets (L. 3)
-21 Phonics Worksheets (R.F.S.S. 3)
-14 Syllabication Worksheets (R.F.S.S. 3)
-43 Comprehension Worksheets (R.I.T.S. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8)
-73 Spelling Sort Worksheets (L. 2)
-102 Spelling Pattern Worksheets (L. 2) All K−8 sound-spelling patterns
-56 Grade 4 Vocabulary Worksheets (L. 4, 5, 6) Complete grade level program
-56 Grade 5 Vocabulary Worksheets (L. 4, 5, 6) Complete grade level program
-56 Grade 6 Vocabulary Worksheets (L. 4, 5, 6) Complete grade level program
-56 Grade 7 Vocabulary Worksheets (L. 4, 5, 6) Complete grade level program
-56 Grade 8 Vocabulary Worksheets (L. 4, 5, 6) Complete grade level program
-64 Rhetorical Stance Quick Write Worksheets (W. 1, 2, 3, 4, 9)
-42 Essay Strategy Worksheets (W. 1, 2, 4, 9)
-35 Writing Skill Worksheets (W. 1, 2, 3, 4, 9)
-40 Study Skills Worksheets
-64 Critical Thinking Worksheets

-Answer Booklet

*Perfect for new and veteran teachers alike.
*Great for “Oh no! They finished early.”
*Quality homework
*The substitute teacher’s best tool.
*Individualized instruction in the writing and reading contexts.
*Study skills/advisory/lifeskills/ELD/special education classes
*Both remedial as well as gifted and talented worksheets

You will love these resources! Here's what teachers are saying...

"Written by a teacher for teachers and their students. It shows. You write like I teach."

-Jeanne Alread

"The most comprehensive and easy to teach grammar, usage, mechanics, spelling, and vocabulary program. The worksheets are fantastic. I’m teaching each Standard in the Language Strand and remediating previous grade level Standards."

-Julie Villenueve

"Great step by step worksheets that help students build or reinforce essay writing skills."

-Michelle Hunter

"Critical Thinking Openers is an excellent product. Provides additional writing practice and is thought provoking."

-Lisa Moore

"I work with a large ELL population at my school and was not happy with the weekly spelling tests, etc. Through my research in best practices, I know that spelling patterns and word study are so important at this age group. Your worksheets rock!"


"Use with both my study skills and reading remediation classes. Wonderful resource!"

-Debra Kendhammer

"I just purchased your Teaching Reading Strategies and, oh my, I actually felt my heart leap with joy! I am working with one class of ESL students and two classes of Read 180 students with behavior issues and have been struggling to find methods to address their specific areas of weakness. I just wanted to thank you for creating these explicit and extensive resources for students in need. Thank you!"

-Cathy Ford

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