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e-Comments Chrome Extension

e-Comments Chrome Extension

  • $ 1999

Note: This shopping cart is intended for group licenses only, especially school purchase orders. For a single license, please visit the Chrome Web Store and select the PayPal option found on the Purchase/Activate License page of the dropdown menu. Click the e-Comments icon to select the page.

Save time and provide better Google docs annotations with quality canned responses. Insert hundreds of canned comments from each of four different comment levels into Google docs and slides with just one click from the pop-up e-Comments menu. Each instructional comment identifies, explains, and shows your writers how to revise a specific writing issue in stories, essays, and reports. These comprehensive comments don’t simply flag errors or suggest revisions, they help your writers learn.


  • How do I add and pay for the e-Comments Chrome Extension? If you have not yet done so, click “Add to Chrome” on the Chrome Web Store to add the app and begin your FREE 10-day trial. You can purchase a single-user license or group licenses with automatic activation via Google Payments or PayPal on the Chrome Web Store. If district, school, or workplace firewalls prohibit your in-app purchase, simply click "Add to Cart" on this page to process your order. If purchased on this website, please email your Account ID, found on the Purchase/Activation page in the dropdown menu to and we  will promptly send you your activation code to enter on that same page. Or pay for group licenses via purchase order (details at end).
  • Can I edit these comments and the comments categories? Yes, they are completely customizable. 
  • Can I add, format, and save my own writing comments to the e-Comment menu? Yes, and you can create and save your own e-Comment menu sets.
  • Can I record audio, video, and speech-to-text comments? Yes.
  • Does the e-Comments extension work in Google Classroom? Yes, check out the video at
  • Can writers ask questions and can I reply in the comments section? Yes. 
  • Is it simple to use? Yes, the app has been designed for non-techies.
  • What about these canned comments?

The four insertable comment sets (Grades 3‒6, Grades 6‒9, Grades 9‒12, and College/Workplace) feature writing format and citations, essay and story structure, essay and story content, sentence formation and writing style, word choice, grammar, and mechanics. Each of the comment sets is printable and you can easily switch back and forth in the e-Comments menu. Comments are aligned to the Common Core Anchor Standards for Writing and Language and include plenty of positive and constructive feedback. Plus, you can add and save your own comment sets for different assignments, tasks, classes, or groups..

The one-page Quick Start User Guide and comprehensive video tutorial will get you grading or editing in just minutes. No time-consuming and complicated multiple clicks, dropdown menus, or comment codes, and the comments are automatically saved to the cloud and sync to multiple devices. This program is intuitive and user-friendly. Tell your colleagues about this free time-saving extension!

PURCHASE ORDERS accepted for all group (not single user) licenses: Email, FAX to 1.866.897.5386, or mail to Pennington Publishing 3716 Falkirk Ct. El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. Include user email and Account ID on the purchase order. Access the Account ID from the "Purchase/Activation" page located the dropdown menu of the e-Comments.

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