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Teaching Reading Intervention

Teaching Reading Intervention

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Teaching Reading Intervention is designed for non-readers or below grade level readers ages eight-adult. No supplemental training, minimal prep and correction, it's easy and fun to teach, and it gets results! 

This full-year, 55 minutes per day program provides both word recognition and language comprehension instructional resources. If you're familiar with Scarborough's Rope, this affordable and comprehensive science of reading-based program is exactly what you've been looking for to improve the reading ability of your older, vulnerable readers in the shortest amount of time.

Preview Teaching Reading Intervention program resources HERE.

Word Recognition Focus (First 18 Weeks)

Teaching Reading Intervention provides whole class phonemic awareness, phonics, and spelling placement assessments with audio files and self-correcting Google forms.

Over 3,000 interactive Google slides to teach the Google Slide (or Print) Activities:

  1. Phonemic and Morphological Awareness
  2. Blending, Segmenting, and Spelling
  3. Sounds and Spelling independent practice
  4. Heart Words independent practice
  5. Sam and Friends Phonics Books decodables (digital and print-ready books for each of the 54 lessons) with word fluencies and comprehension questions
  6. Sound Boxes and Personal Sound Walls weekly review activities
  7. Syllable whole class instruction and worksheets
  8. Spelling Pattern Worksheets based on the Diagnostic Spelling Assessment

Both teachers and students are provided their own sets of slides for each lesson. If digital devices are not available, print copies of the student slides work fine with each of the activities.

Language Comprehension Focus (Last 18 Weeks)

Teaching Reading Intervention includes mid-year diagnostic fluency, academic language, grammar/usage/mechanics, Greek and Latin word parts, Heart Words, and rimes assessments with corresponding resources to differentiate phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency instruction.

Over 1,000 pages of print and video resources: 

  • Background Knowledge
    • Background Knowledge: Mentor Text and Response
  • Vocabulary Knowledge
    • Academic Language Words
  • Language Structures
    • Syntax in Reading
    • Greek and Latin Word Parts
    • Pragmatics, Executive Functions, and Rhetorical Stance
  • Verbal Reasoning
    • Figures of Speech, Connotations, Multiple Meaning Words, Context Clues
    • Expository Reading Fluency*
    • Reading Comprehension Strategies and Comprehension Worksheets
  • Literacy Knowledge
    • Text Structure, Organizational Patterns, and Literary Features

Both new and veteran reading teachers will appreciate the user-friendly resources in this program, written by a teacher (M.A. reading specialist) for teachers and their students.  

Reading instruction may, indeed, be "rocket science," as Louisa Moats claims, but teachers don't have to be rocket scientists to teach this program with success.

Preview Teaching Reading Intervention program resources HERE.

Download 2 Complete Google Slide Word Recognition Lessons (178 slides): 

Lesson 5: Teacher Slides 
Lesson 5: Student Slides 
Lesson 40: Teacher Slides 
Lesson 40: Student Slides 


Here's what teachers are saying...

"I love the assessments. The students were much more willing to try when they understood that they would work on skills they as individuals were missing. The program is structured so that I can easily work with a small group or individual as needed to fill instructional gaps." 

Jules Stras 

"An extensive product suitable for students of all ages. Love that it is suitable testing and resources for older students with reading difficulties- there are too few suitable resources for this age group. Reading passages are appealing with attached ideas on how to best target each one."

Felicia B.

"Perfect for my ESL students!"

Cathy Ford

"I am an Instructional Coach and am responsible for running RtI groups, this is the perfect resource that I have been looking for! Thank you so much for creating it!"

Jamie Kidwell

"The Sam and Friends Books are just what my struggling middle school and high school readers need!"

Joy Hutchings

I used these books with my third and fourth grade intervention students. They loved the books and would ask if we were reading Sam and Friends today. They would predict what they thought would happen and there was the opportunity to make connections from the other stories! I also used the animal passages from Teaching Reading Strategies and was able to apply the same comprehension strategies. So glad to have these resources! Thanks!!! 

Angelo Moreno

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