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Phonics Literacy Center

Phonics Literacy Center

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What if you could remediate the phonics deficits of your below grade-level readers within a literacy center? You can! The Phonics Literacy Center Grades 4–8 has been designed by Mark Pennington, MA reading specialist, to help your students master their phonics deficits in the quickest possible time. Perfect for sight word readers, special education students with auditory processing challenges, EL and ELD students. Ideal for Response to Intervention Tiers 1 and 2. Program prep is minimal and set-up is simple. Answers are provided with each task and your students will do all the correcting to learn from their own mistakes. 

The Phonics Literacy Center provides 5 collaborative lessons and activities from the program components of  the Teaching Reading Strategies Reading Intervention program. This digital download (eBook) provides the diagnostic assessments, materials, activities, and worksheets that classroom teachers, reading intervention teachers, EL/ELD teachers, and special education teachers need to remediate significant reading deficits.  for each of these phonics workshops: Short Vowel Sounds, Silent Final e, Consonant Digraphs, Consonant Blends, Long Vowels, Diphthongs, and r and l-controlled Vowels. 

Preview the Phonics Literacy Center HERE.

Each phonics workshop lesson or activity takes 20 minutes to complete. The first lesson is teacher-led and uses phonics cards (provided as digital masters for you to copy and cut). The begins the second, third, and fourth lessons begin with review and assign activity-based worksheets. Students complete the worksheets collaboratively and self-correct to learn from their mistakes. The fifth lesson is the formative assessment, administered individually (takes less than a minute per student). When students are finished with each of the five lessons, they continue to practice the phonics workshop with word making activities.

The Phonics Literacy Center includes comprehensive diagnostic screening assessments to help you accurately place students and a mastery matrix to monitor their progress. The Vowel Sounds Phonics Assessment and the Consonant Sound Phonics Assessment (audio files provided) have been used in hundreds of classrooms to pinpoint areas of phonics mastery and deficits for each of your students. You will be able to flexibly group your students with specific phonics workshops so that your students will collaboratively practice only the phonics deficits they have not yet mastered. You, your students, and their parents will see measurable results after using the lessons and activities provided in this remedial literacy center. 

All the literacy center support materials are included: Group Norms Poster, Leadership Roles Poster, Literacy Center Signs, Literacy Center Task Cards, and 10 Rotation Options. Plus, easy-to-follow directions to ensure your success.

You, your students, their parents, and your administrators will see noticeable improvement in reading fluency and comprehension with the Phonics Literacy Center.

Add this literacy center to your own rotation of literacy centers or combine with my full-year, 20-minute, twice-per-week, Standards-based grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Academic Literacy Centers, which include 1. Reading: Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension 2. Writing: Sentence Revision and Literary Response 3. Language Conventions: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics 4. Vocabulary: Vocabulary Worksheets and Vocabulary Study Games 5. Spelling and Syllabication: Conventional Spelling Rule Spelling Sorts and Syllable Practice 6. Study Skills: Goal-Setting, Essential Study Skills, and Reflection/Application. Make sure to check out the value-priced Academic Literacy Centers BUNDLES for grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Also take a look at my three Remedial Literacy Centers for grades 4-8 intervention. Each center provides comprehensive diagnostic and formative assessments with corresponding literacy center lessons. These full-year, 20-minute, twice-per-week remedial centers fit perfectly within the group rotations provided with the Academic Literacy Centers: 1. Remedial Spelling Literacy Center 2. Remedial Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Literacy Center 3. Phonics Literacy Center.  Help your students catch up while they keep up with grade-level instruction.

You and your students will love these literacy centers!
Interested in a comprehensive reading intervention program with decodable guided reading books? Check out Mark Pennington's Teaching Reading Strategies. 

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