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Syntax Sentence Bell Ringers

Syntax Sentence Bell Ringers

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The FREE Syntax Sentence Bell Ringers program will help you explain advanced syntactic patterns to your students to improve their understanding of what they read. Knowing these syntactic patterns will also provide more language tools for students to apply in their own writing. There are more ways to form a sentence than the subject-verb-object pattern!

The syntactic patterns follow a logical instructional sequence from parts of speech to phrases to clauses and are each leveled as basic, proficient, or advanced.

 A cautionary note: The 154 Syntax Sentence Bell Ringers are one instructional component (Explain It!) of the author’s comprehensive Syntax in Reading and Writing instructional sequence: Learn It! Identify It! Explain It! Revise It! Create It! Find It! If students have had minimal grammatical instruction, the teacher will need to backfill Learn It! and Identify It! instruction. 

Of course, the author's grades 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics, the high school Teaching Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics, and the Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Interactive Notebook would also provide a comprehensive backfill.

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