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Essay Strategies Toolkit (eBook)

Essay Strategies Toolkit (eBook)

Pennington Publishing

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The Essay Strategies Toolkit (eBook) provides teachers a systematic approach to teaching the multi-paragraph essay. Students complete 42 sequenced writing strategy worksheets, at their own pace, beginning with simple three-word paragraphs and proceeding to complex multi-paragraph essays. By the end of the year, students who complete the program will have composed the eight complete Common Core Writing Standard essays.

"Great step by step worksheets that help students build or reinforce essay writing skills."

Michelle Hunter

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Essay Strategy Worksheets 

Get 42 sequential worksheets, each emphasizing a specific essay strategy. Students learn and apply the following skills: complete sentences, topic sentence-support detail hierarchy, the category principle, essay writing rules, transitions, 8 flexible paragraph structures, essay organization using a time-tested numerical hierarchy, 8 introduction strategies, 8 types of evidence and argument, and 8 conclusion strategies.

Differentiated/Individualized Instruction and Mastery Learning

Following a mastery learning model, a student completes an essay strategy worksheet, mini-conferences with the teacher in writers workshop, and then revises the writing per teacher guidance. The teacher formatively assesses student progress and assigns remediation as needed. Students much achieve mastery level before progressing to the next writing strategy worksheet. Teachers can easily substitute their own writing prompts or use those in the program. An A, or appropriate number of points, is assigned for each mastered worksheet.

Grammatical Sentence Patterns

Students learn and apply 16 of the common grammatical sentence models in the context of authentic writing practice. Students revise sentences composed in prior worksheets with each of these grammatical patterns to improve writing dexterity and sentence variety.

Essay Posters

Get these digital wall posters to print as writing strategy references:

  • Essay Organization: The Numerical Hierarchy
  • Essay Writing Rules
  • The “to be” Verbs
  • Pronouns
  • Transition Words and Phrases
  • Writing Direction Words (the Academic Language of Essays)
  • Introduction Strategies
  • Conclusion Strategies
  • Types of Evidence

Materials in the Essay Strategies Toolkit (132 pages) have been selected as a “slice” of the comprehensive curriculum: Teaching Essay Strategies, by the same author.

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